An attentive and respectful distribution, proved by years of honest and professional job; sincere and real human relationships confirmed by many loyal customers; the commitment to propose always tailored solutions and new products. Who knows Corte Zari also knows this “mantra” and the determination characterizing the Tuscan Brand since two generations.

High class and quality furnitures

In Corte Zari, “made in Italy” is a real and genuine reality: all products are rigorously made by hand by specialized craftsmen into the Tuscan plant, with traditional techniques and modernized technologies. Every product is unique, realized and customized on the customer’s request, in order to offer an exclusive proposal, one of a kind. Our philosophy is based on a continuous research on the product, combined to quality and technological development, as the outcome of tradition, experience and future vision. Corte Zari products survive to the passage of time because representing the meeting point between craftsmanship and industry; because those products stands out thanks to their preciousness, exclusivity and good taste. Corte Zari has chosen quality, selected raw materials, high professionalism and a wide experience.

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An efficient communication plan thought with you and for your necessities

Corte Zari will help you to promote your shop, giving you both online and offline, a great visibility, through targeted actions on the website, social networks, media. We will together undertake campaigns able to focus the public attention on your sale point, we will help your shop to become an important and recognized reference for our Brand on your area.

More ways to seal a partnership

Shopgallery – Let’s make alive the incomparable experience of a mono-brand store in your shop, building with us a Corte Zari Shopgallery: a space completely dedicated to the Brand, to its philosophy, with a special merchandising allowing you to be the first to access to the news, and create the deep emotion of a space completely furnished in Corte Zari style. This will allow to conquer the full trust of your customers.
Concept Store – With the experience and the style characterizing the Brand we will make unique and exclusive the space dedicated to Corte Zari in your store. An emotional and complete space studied to communicate efficiently an unforgettable experience.
Rivenditore partner – Corte Zari will become your ideal partner to present a unique and different product, never unnoticed.