Tuscany, where CorteZari is located, represents in itself an important inspiration, being a nature drawn area, a cradle of arts, culture, civilization, the starting point of revolutionary ideas, country of poets, painters, sculptures, artists of all types, scientists, it is the native land of many of the most important personalities in the world. The visual impact received everyday from the land, is an essential part of CorteZari and is transmitted in every company choice. In Tuscany, the territory care, the beauty of the ancient buildings, the refined products from agriculture are appreciated especially from the Tuscans themselves and are resumed in a single word: quality. Quality in CorteZari is expressed in the selective choice of materials, in the care of each detail, in the respect of the execution rules, the packaging, the delivery times, the selection of collaborators. We believe in business relationship based not only on professionalism but also on human values, which are essential for everybody and to join the more yearned results. Quality and the continuous wish of amazing with emotional fittings, are the real essence of CorteZari philosophy.


In 1970, thanks to the wise hands of Rino Zari, son of the more original Italian business tradition, is born the artistic foundry known for valuable works, decorating the most beautiful Italian houses. The high experience and the great business ability, takes in the years after the small foundry to become bigger and then to be transformed in a real handmade home furniture production company.

The nineties, mark the generational passage thanks to the entrance of the offspring, who lavishes with passion, enthusiasm and competence their continuous commitment, and brings the brand, already strong in Italy, on the most important international markets.

In the last years the several investments on the manufacturing plants and the opportunities offered by new technologies have accelerated the company dynamism. The opening of flag stores in Italy and abroad, the presence on the most important international expositions, the setting up of many movie sets and television serials, the advertisement campaigns, and the strong presence on web socials and web magazines appoint CorteZari as one of the most solid and emerging brands of the handmade and made in Italy furniture company. A production reality, where quality is a real life philosophy.


“Masters of Arts and Crafts” are an Italian rare and precious historical heritage; CorteZari still nowadays interprets the important teachings of “Quality Masters”, and correlates to the contemporary quality standards, given by comfort, quality and design requests.

Carpenters, upholsterers, tailors, decorators, foundry workers : these are all small artisan business, each one specialized in their job and all together organized like a real high level productive district, able to realize an incomparable product. The little dimension of each one makes possible to customize works, even with very difficult designs.

A precious service able to satisfy the more demanding requests, allowing also to realize refined and specialized turnkey projects.

Tradition of handmade works, typical of Italy, is strongly settled in Tuscany.

Still now in several private and economic sectors, it is easily perceived the relationship with the important medieval and Renaissance past, a fundamental factor of the made in Tuscany, made in CorteZari, production!