Italian sartorial quality


Follow your inspiration, your taste, your nature and “dress” your house with your personal style. CorteZari will accompany yourself in its world to give a shape to your personal creation; thanks to fabrics, colors, textures, different and transformable materials.



Choosing materials and finishing, fabrics and leathers you give a unique look to your space. Thanks to the wide choice of fabrics, leathers, eco-leathers, already selected and combined in coordinated files with matching nuances you can express your personal taste and you can play with pattern, colors, texture without making mistakes.


The selection of fabrics and leathers is made by our stylist, and originates from the constant research of new proposals, original ideas and fashion trends, able to inspire the creative process.

Precious materials and hand-made manufacturing

Many different materials: wood, iron, glass, marble, steel, stones, leathers and fabrics, all suitable to create new styles and images. CorteZari conceives the production as based on the research of solutions, to reach the shape of the designed item. CorteZari works incessantly to find new wooden, lacquered, textured, brushed finishes.

The ability and the experience of CorteZari in the handcrafted manufacturing, made into the company as in a production compound composed of many specialized masters, makes each object unique and incomparable. A choice of tailored expertise able to create exclusive design for the more refined interiors.

An innovative finishing

To the natural materials, as the precious fabrics, leathers, glass, marble, wooden surfaces and decorated metals, typical of the traditional company production, CorteZari adds an innovative velvety finishing.

Soft and warm to the touch, luxury and silky at the sight, the Velour finishing is available in 6 different colors ( brown “testa di moro”, black, grey, light grey, blue, “petrol” green) and it is used on unusual materials as the beds structure, the curved table legs, the fronts of chests, sideboards and bedside tables, the structure of floor and night lamps, the frame of mirrors and the handles.

Thanks to its exceptional peculiarity to be applied also on curved and concave supports, the Velour is able to transform also a simple iron bedhead in an “almost textile” object, making it unique and amazing. A “magic” which repeats every time a detail is “dressed” by the velvety sensation of Velour, permitting to create colours combinations or contrast with other CorteZari finishings.