Corte Zari offers a team and a structure dedicated to professionals of the interior designing.

Corte Zari means high quality and refined made in Italy, not limited to the already great choice of the catalogue. Thanks to a flexible and multi-purpose structure Corte Zari is able to meet different and specific design necessities.

A wide choice of finishing, an amazing versatility and the great plus to customize almost all items makes Corte Zari the ideal partner for designing luxury apartments and residences, valuable hotels and restaurants, yachts, public buildings. Each product page on the web-site offers the possibility to download information useful to design easily and speedy. You can freely download 3D models, catalogues, technical sketches, and contact us to receive all missing information: we will always be ready to support you.

If you are a designer, an architect or an interior designer you can contact our offices by filling out the form below to receive more details and be contacted by one of our buyers.

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Fabrics, leathers, and already selected finishing, to make easier the interior designing job.

Like a boutique specialist Corte Zari makes its interior design experience available suggesting colours combinations with fabrics and leathers proposals from the thick sample set, already divided by nuances. A choice of more than 60 different finishing to be realized both on wood and metal surfaces and also in bespoke proposals, makes every item unique and inimitable.  

Visit our plants

Corte Zari makes its manufacturing plants available for visits, to assist to the handcrafted process and organizes workshops in the company atelier, to touch finishing, fabrics, legs and handles, lampshade trimmings, accessories, table tops and all it is necessary to make every project one of a kind! During the meeting, in an extraordinary natural and cultural location ( in the Tuscan heart), you will be able to live the emotion of designing with Corte Zari.