filippa poltron stile classico


Classic pattern on the wooden carved structure, with the fresh, original, new dress typical of the CorteZari Brand. The challange is still the same: let yourself be dragged along originality and shake the traditional rules of matching, to create in every space a real statement piece, elegant and refined.


art. 641
Hand carved solid beechwood and poplar structure padded with crushproof differentiated density rubber, upholstered in fabric, leather or eco-leather.

cm 78 x 87 x 88 h

  • Upholstered lining fabrics
    Aston 6 cat.D
    Botticelli 505-02 cat.H
    Botticelli 505-121 cat.H
    Cassiopea 1033-07 cat.E
    Cassiopea 1033-09 cat. E
    Cassiopea 1033-21 cat. E
    Cassiopea 1033-29 cat. E
    Cassiopea 1033-30 cat. E
    Cenerentola L1603-03 cat. G
    City 80618-02 Beige cat.K
    Clou L1345-09 cat.F
    Clou L1345-14 cat.F
    Condotti L1531-01 cat.E
    Condotti L1531-03 cat.E
    Condotti L1531-06 cat. E
    Diamante 1 cat.E
    Discovery 71297 Nuit 008 cat.LUX
    G075-129 cat.G
    G075-130 cat.G
    G075-310 cat.G
    Giza L1424-01 cat. F
    Glenville F1872-18 Sea Mist cat.G
    Glenville F1872-19 Ocean cat.G
    Glenville F1872-20 cat.G
    Gondola L1462-02 cat. F
    Gondola L1462-05 cat. F
    Hermes 04 cat. F
    Hermes 08 cat. F
    Hermes 10 cat. F
    Hermes 14 cat. F
    Hollywood 0079-27 cat.LUX
    Hollywood 0079-49 cat.LUX
    Hollywood 0079-63 cat.LUX
    Lagune Tempete 005
    Le fate L1593-16 cat. E
    Le fate L1593-23 cat. E
    Lucrezia L1582-40 Cat. E
    Manhattan-601 cat. E
    Manhattan 603 cat.E
    Murano C/01 cat.F
    Murano C/12 cat.F
    Murano C-13 cat.F
    Murano C/21 cat.F
    Murano C/23 cat.F
    Murano C/26 cat.F
    Nabucco F1545-05 Pearl cat.LUX
    Nabucco rose F1545-06 cat. LUX
    Nirvana 0046-001 cat.K
    Nirvana 0046-0030 cat.K
    Nirvana 0046-028 cat.K
    Nobilis L1340-02 cat.G
    Nobilis L1340-04 cat.G
    Nobilis L1340-05 cat.G
    Nobilis L1340-13 cat.G
    Nobilis L1340-14 cat.G
    Nobilis L1340-23 cat.G
    Nobilis L1340-25 cat.G
    Odissea L1458-01 Syros cat.D
    Odissea L1459-01 Milos cat.D
    Passion 24 cat.E
    Pistoia Velvet CA1292-070
    Plushy 8 Neve cat.K
    Signoria 7100-07
    Superdecor 7218 cat. K
    Superdecor 7227 cat. K
    Torino L1568-04 cat. G
    Tourandot L1575-14 cat. F
    Trento L1498-03 cat. H
    Velvet CA1263-073 cat. F
    Velvet CA1263-080 cat. F
    Velvet CA1263-091 cat. F
    Vertigo 0049-103 cat.LUX
    Vertigo 0049-23 cat.LUX
    Vertigo 0049-511 cat.LUX
    Villa d'Este L1479-02 cat. G
  • Leather
    Atmosphere 750 vanilla cat.GLAM
    Atmosphere 754 gold cat.GLAM
    Atmosphere 761 bronze cat.GLAM
    Atmosphere 762 silver cat.GLAM
    Colvert 692 ottanio cat. GLAM
    Crater 750 Vanilla cat.VIP
    Crater 754 gold cat.VIP
    Crater 761 bronze cat.VIP
    Crater 762 silver cat.VIP
    Lena 2210 crete cat.EXTRA
    Lena 2523 Polvere cat.EXTRA
    Lena 3000 White cat.EXTRA
    Lena 3001 Black cat.EXTRA
    Lena 3322 Taupe cat.EXTRA
    Lena 3338 Blue cat.EXTRA
    Lena 3394 Terra cat.EXTRA
    Lena 5432 Ivory cat.EXTRA
    Lena 5458 Moka cat.EXTRA
    Luxor 9100 Moon cat.GLAM
    Luxor 9108 Platinum cat.GLAM
    Luxor 9110 copper cat.GLAM
    Luxor 9114 Quartz cat.GLAM
    Luxor 9140 Grafite cat.GLAM
    Nabuk 11 Cobalto cat.VIP
    Nabuk 13 Black cat.VIP
    Nabuk 14 tundra cat.VIP
    Nabuk 2 Tobacco cat.VIP
    Nabuk 5 Sand cat.VIP
    Nabuk 6 Smoke cat.VIP
    Pista 201 Sapphire cat.EXTRA
    Pista 202 Chocolate cat.EXTRA
    Pista 204 sabbia cat.EXTRA
    Quero 1 avio cat.EXTRA
    Quero 13 chestnut cat.EXTRA
    Quero 14 almond cat.EXTRA
    Quero 5 truffle cat.EXTRA
    Soft 2230 White cat.NATURE
    Soft 2232 Cipria cat.NATURE
    Soft 2264 Ivory cat.NATURE
    Soft 611 Mud cat.NATURE
  • Imitation leather
    Imitation leather Custom 12859 cat.E
    Imitation leather Custom 12861 cat.E
    Imitation leather Rebel n.13 cat.E
    Imitation leather Rebel n.17 cat.E
    Imitation leather Rebel n.5 cat.E
    Imitation leather Rebel n.6 cat.E
    Imitation leather bloom n.1 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather bloom n.11 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather bloom n.12 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather bloom n.14 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather bloom n.27 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather bloom n.3 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather bloom n.7 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather custom n.12824 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather custom n.12847 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather deus n.1211 cat. First
    Imitation leather deus n. 1211
    Imitation leather deus n.1232 cat. First
    Imitation leather deus n.607 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather deus n.609 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather extrema au metal n.5050 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather extrema au metal n.5150 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather extrema au metal n.5950 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather extrema au metal n.7250 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather nabuk 7508-02 cat.E
    Imitation leather nabuk 7508-19 cat.E
    Imitation leather nabuk n.7508-01 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather nabuk n.7508-33 cat.ECO
    Imitation leather old n.11968 cat.ECO
  • Category B/C
    N° 07 - cat. C Riace gold leaf
    N° 08 - cat.C Riace silver leaf
    N° 09 - cat.B Rust
    N° 22 - cat.B Vanilla
    N° 23 - cat.B Taupe
    N° 24 - cat.B Red Tropea
    N° 25 - cat.C Glossy black
    N° 26 - cat.B Black and silver
    N° 27 - cat.C Glossy white
    N° 28 - cat.B Chalk craquelé
    N° 288 - cat.B Chalk brushed
    N° 30 - cat.C Melange gold leaf
    N° 31 - cat.C Melange silver leaf
    N° 32 - cat.C Madreperla blue
    N° 33 - cat.C Madreperla white
    N° 34 - cat.B White honey
    N° 36 - cat.C Moka
    N° 37 - cat. C Glossy silver leaf
    N° 38 - cat.C Glossy gold leaf
    N° 41 - cat.C Chocolate
    N° 43 - cat.B Glitter
    N° 44 - cat.B Pearl
    N° 51 - cat.B Iron
    N° 60 - cat.B Noisette
    N° 61 - cat.B Sand
    N° 65 - cat.B Poivre
    N° 68 - cat.C Brillant poivre
    N° 69 - cat.B Pink bouquet
    N° 72 - cat.C Magnolia
    N° 73 - cat.B Meringue
    N° 75 - cat.C Madreperla tortora
    N° 76 - cat.B Ardesia
    N° 78 - cat.B Titanium
    N° 81 - cat.B Moon
    N° 85 - cat.B Dark
    N° 89 - Palladio cat. C
  • Category V
    N°80 - cat.V Black velour
    N°83 - cat.V Testa di moro velour
    N°84 - cat.V Petrolio velour
    N°86 - cat.V Grey velour
    N°87 - cat.V Blue velour
    N°88 - cat. V Light grey velour

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